Getting Started

Alright so if you’ve read the “about” page of this blog, you’re ready to move on to the actual helpful stuff. Keep in mind that everything I talk about, will be designed to help people with very limited experience and will not get technically heavy or boring.

Being a long time computer user is divided into two to three main parts.

The first part is, obviously, getting a computer(dekstops and laptops will both be discussed).


This part is all about what you need as a user and how to not either waste money on things you don’t need, spend money on the wrong stuff, or have unrealistic expectations on a budget too low for your needs and ending up disappointed.
This will not get technically heavy, neither will the other posts. I will not recommend very specific products or generally nerd out and make it confusing. I will just outline the kind of products you should be looking for.

The second part, is computer maintenance.


That includes using a computer the right way, ensuring that you don’t fall into the two basic traps of either using it sub optimally, or using it in a way that will lead to damage (damage which users often consider as “bad luck”, even though they had plenty to do with it).
Naturally it also includes problems with software or hardware and how to spot, understand, fix and prevent them, in the best way possible.

The third part is upgrading.


This might not necessarily be a separate part, since it can be considered as part of the “what to get” segment, but there is some value into separating the two, to make sure that content is easier to find for those that already have a computer and do not want to go through information about how to get one.
I’ll focus on cheap/efficient ways of upgrading your computer, whether that’s a desktop or a laptop and try to clear up when it’s worth to upgrade and what path you should take depending on what your current build lacks.

Those three main parts will be featured on the blog on a regular basis and there will also be some oddball topis once in a while, featuring things like weird PC related questions/experiments that people are often interested in.

If you have any questions, suggestions or even disagreements, please comment them on here and we can talk about them. You can also email me at:

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Thanks for reading!

*All pictures are taken from the web*


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