Buying a Computer: PC vs Laptop


When you decide to get a computer and , before you look into anything more specific, you must answer a very important question.

Do you I need a desktop PC or a laptop?

The average user benefits from laptops more, since they allow for portability.
However that’s where the benefits of a laptop end and the problems and general drawbacks start.

Here is a list comparison of dekstops and laptops:


Benefits of Laptops:


Drawbacks of Laptops:

Much higher prices due to shrank down expensive components and complex design. Prices can reach double or triple the ones of a desktop of the same capabilities.

Overheating due to cramped space with reduced airflow.

Drastically less performance of components than desktop equivalents, due to smaller size and much lower clock speeds (clock speeds must be kept low to avoid overheating).

Very limited upgrade options.

Great difficulty in taking them apart for maintenance or repairs. Some of them need special tools to do that, all of them take knowledge, skill and ability to perform precise movements.

More unreliable due to potentially high temperatures (there is plenty you can do about that) and because they are often damaged from getting moved around a lot.

Repairs are costly and often times it’s more beneficial to buy a new laptop than repair the current one.

So like I mentioned. Laptops are in fact desktop PCS that have been shrank and cramped into a limited space. Their portability though might be extremely beneficial, or even essential to many users.That’s why they are so popular.

Fortunately though, technology is advancing and now laptops perform considerably closer to their desktop counterparts than they used to. It is inevitable that at some point, they will be at the same level. Right now though, their drawbacks must be considered.

Benefits of Desktops:

Much cheaper.

Much better performance due to more space to play with and much higher clock speeds.

Easy to upgrade every single component.

Easy to maintain and take apart.

Great cooling if setup properly.

Repairs are cheap and easy. You just replace the components that have gone bad. Sometimes that becomes an opportunity to upgrade them as well.



Desktop components are also getting smaller and more efficient.
There is a big market for mini computer cases and components, so they are much more portable than they used to be.
It seems that they will eventually merge with laptops.
For a user that is not concerned with portability, desktop computers are a no brainer.
Their performance, price and ease of use, make them the obvious choice.
It should be noted that if a user is looking for a high performing machine, like a gaming computer or a computer for heavy content creation work, they might have to sacrifice portability for a desktop computer, simply because high performance laptops can be extremely expensive, running into the thousands of euros and desktops will most likely still perform better, due to superior cooling.

Overall that was a long way of saying: If you absolutely need portability, get a laptop. If you don’t, then a desktop is by far the best option.

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Thanks for reading!

*All pictures are taken from the web*


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