“PCForNewbies” is the blog that can optimize the way you use your computer and help you deal with any issues that arise.
With the massive tech revolution that has been going on for the past decade, more and more people have had to become regular users of computers.
However, computers come with maintenance, repair and upgrade related issues, that the common user often doesn’t know how to deal with. That often leads to frustration and the classic “why is my computer/laptop so slow!”, which in turn often leads to either unnecessary upgrades, or being taken advantage of (often scammed) by technicians.
That’s where “PCForNewbies” comes in.
All I’ve learned from around 10 years of experience dealing with computers, either for personal use, professionally, or just to help out friends, will be put in this blog and help you solve any issue that arises in the easiest way. At the same time, you can get a better understanding of how your trusty hardware works and what it needs from you to serve you better.
Feel free to ask questions and I hope the content helps you out.

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