PC Purchase: Specifications Guide: Laptops

This is a very basic PC purchase guide. It's designed to help those that don't really understand the specifications of various products and are not sure what to choose for their needs. All you have to do when looking for a computer is look at three to four main components: I will not be getting … Continue reading PC Purchase: Specifications Guide: Laptops


PC Cases: Different Sizes, Different Needs

So we’ve been over the benefits of choosing a quality case for your PC, but it’s only when someone really gets into buying a case that they realize a very obvious but often overlooked factor. That factor is, case size. So obviously factors like looks, quality, practicality, dust protection and air flow are essential to … Continue reading PC Cases: Different Sizes, Different Needs

Quality PC Cases: Are they worth the dough?

One of the most recognizable things when it comes to PCs are the various impressive looking cases that make them seem so attractive. Naturally, those cases are also pretty expensive, but people find them attractive enough to justify paying the price. They are also marketed on their various features such as "tool less" design or … Continue reading Quality PC Cases: Are they worth the dough?

Baking PC Components in the Oven?

If you’ve looked around for ways to fix broken PC components, you might have come across articles and videos explaining the “baking” technique. That technique is putting the ruined component in an oven and literally baking it until it’s “done”. Before asking how it works, the natural question to answer is IF it works. Well, … Continue reading Baking PC Components in the Oven?

PC Troubleshooting – Part 3: Hard Drive Issues

Now that we’ve been over some mostly fixable issues(overheating, malware) that could be causing problems with your computer, I’m going to talk about the one problem that you can’t really get out of without replacing the component. That problem is hard drive failure. That’s when your hard drive either starts to slowly deteriorate and malfunction … Continue reading PC Troubleshooting – Part 3: Hard Drive Issues

SSD Drives: A magical upgrade?

You might have heard of "magical" solutions on the internet more times than you can count, but when it comes to speeding up your computer, recent technology has given us an almost magical solution that won't cost you a fortune and actually works. That solution is SSD drives. SSD stands for "Solid State Drive" and … Continue reading SSD Drives: A magical upgrade?

PC Troubleshooting – Part 1: Overheating

The most common thing you hear people complain about their computers (especially laptops), is “My computer is so slow and unresponsive”. This problem might seem daunting to many people, sometimes even forcing them to upgrade, but it really isn’t that complicated. There are 3 main issues that might be slowing down your computer. Overheating, unecessary/harmful … Continue reading PC Troubleshooting – Part 1: Overheating

Buying a Computer: PC vs Laptop

When you decide to get a computer and , before you look into anything more specific, you must answer a very important question. Do you I need a desktop PC or a laptop? The average user benefits from laptops more, since they allow for portability. However that’s where the benefits of a laptop end and … Continue reading Buying a Computer: PC vs Laptop