Quality PC Cases: Are they worth the dough?

One of the most recognizable things when it comes to PCs are the various impressive looking cases that make them seem so attractive. Naturally, those cases are also pretty expensive, but people find them attractive enough to justify paying the price. They are also marketed on their various features such as "tool less" design or … Continue reading Quality PC Cases: Are they worth the dough?


PC Troubleshooting – Part 1: Overheating

The most common thing you hear people complain about their computers (especially laptops), is “My computer is so slow and unresponsive”. This problem might seem daunting to many people, sometimes even forcing them to upgrade, but it really isn’t that complicated. There are 3 main issues that might be slowing down your computer. Overheating, unecessary/harmful … Continue reading PC Troubleshooting – Part 1: Overheating